Monday, February 14, 2011

Woot! Debian 6.0.0(Wheeze) is out and installed on my netbook!

So I had Ubuntu 10.04 LTS "installed" using wubi from Windows7. That was a pain in the ass and it often froze. Boy did I have to use the alt+sysreq+f and all other combos a lot to stop it from freezing. Had to do the a+s+reisub combo plenty of times too! But it was still half a year till the new Debian would be out so I stuck with it. Not that Ubuntu is just wasn't my flavor. In the past I've used Slackware (something like 3.5-7), Red Hat (4 - don't remember) so Ubuntu wasn't as in depth of an OS as the others since it's geared for newer linux users (yes I know it's based off of Debian but it really isn't anything like Debian). I like tinkering so Slackware was great. But yeah I installed Wheeze on the netbook and it worked like a charm. Only had 2 issues.

1st was that Windows 7 was detected during the install but not listed in Grub2 but that was easily remedied by doing update-grub (as seen here towards the bottom in the Errata section). That will look at your partition tables and reinstall grub2 with windows included.

2nd was getting UIM (Universal Input Method) to work properly. I got everything installed and started but it wouldn't respond to my hot keys or input Japanese! So after hours of searching, I figured it out. You have to change which input method your system uses! So if you have im-config or im-switch, use that and click on the radio for your input method. Mine for example was UIM so I chose that...otherwise if you use SCIM choose that, etc. After setting that, my hot keys worked and the Japanese input worked like a charm!

I have to say that I like it a whole lot better and it is much more stable than Ubuntu. I didn't however like Iceweasel too much since Coolpreviews didn't work with it...So I installed Firefox 4 beta and wow, that thing is pretty fast! It still uses a lot of memory but cpu usage is really low! And I have my coolpreviews back, although a few other addons don't work now. ugh. Anywhoo....I need to update my main amd64 laptop to wheeze soon and that should be fun backing up my system and then restoring everything to working order. After that, I won't be looking at Ubuntu again and no more updating every other day either! sheesh that was a pain.
Debian ftw!

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