Monday, June 17, 2013

Hey Gordon Ramsay et al or whomever will listen...I have an interesting idea for a show!! (June 18, 2013 Japan Standard Time 10:14am)

I bet you get that a lot Chef Ramsay...but I have an idea that is relevant to today's socioeconomic situation. Currently you have shows geared towards those that are basic cooks wanting to become chefs or those that want to make a name for themselves or wanting a turnaround in their current restaurant. But as most people are struggling to make ends meet, I think a show that takes people in the lower class and shows them how to budget correctly and teaches them how to cook smartly will make for an interesting show. I'm kind of sick of seeing Undercover Boss trying to throw in the very often sap story. Every week it has an employee that had this or that happen to them and it seems staged. With the bottom of the lower class society they have a very limited amount to survive and most struggle or starve. I was watching a show about families in welfare trying to make ends meet with around $25 a week just for food. How about a way to teach them how to make nutritional food and feed their families for the whole week at that amount or under instead of eating canned processed food. How to get things for a lower price or even free since most restaurants throw away their food at the end of the day. Even if you only do a few episodes I think it will help those in need especially the children.


Friday, February 1, 2013

[SOLVED] BUFFALO AirStation WHR-G301N not forwarding ports

So my PCi wireless router died after a little over 2.5 years. I was looking to get another cheap router (I got the PCi one at a second hand shop but unopened for around 1800yen (~$20). The good great thing about it was that the port forwarding was super easy. I just needed to figure out how to allow everything thru from my "CTU" (NTT Hikari Fiber's router). After that it was smooth sailing and I was able to access my computer from the outside without any problems.

Fast forward to a few days ago and...well, BUFFALO happened. What a piece of S**T. And I'm not the only one that has issues with it.

[Edit: Please try the port forwarding first with the original firmware before attempting this as you may be one of the lucky ones and have it work right out of the box.]

If you need it to ONLY use the internet and do absolutely NOTHING else...then it's for you. But if you do anything else well you need to modify it and yes...break your warranty. I didn't care about that! I just wanted the port forwarding to work! And if you do too...these are the steps I took and I hope I don't leave anything out.

***Step 1a is if you haven't changed the firmware yet...if you have been mucking with dd-wrt already, go to Step 1b.***

Step 1a.
Get rid of the stupid OEM firmware and get DD-WRT installed. (Just so you know I installed DD-WRT and port forwarding didn't work right away. If yours did then you suck =p ). You can follow these instructions from HERE to get dd-wrt installed. Then once you've upgraded to the latest firmware, changed the username and password...

(Step 1b. - If you do Step 1a skip this one.
So you already have it installed and been pulling your hair out trying to get port forwarding working but it just won't go...well this is EXACTLY what I did. I got OpenWRT's upgrade file from here and get openwrt-ar71xx-generic-whr-g301n-squashfs-factory.bin (maybe you don't have to but this is how I got mine to work...) then do a firmware upgrade and select "Reset to default settings" and start over (actually it didn't install OpenWRT but it was one of the steps I did to get it working. It's highly possible you just need to reset to "factory defaults".)...see step 2)

Step 2.

DON'T click on "Apply Settings" AT ALL until you finish EVERYTHING! even the port forwarding lines.
Instead click on "Save" for each page/change you make.

These are the lines I put in my NAT->Port Range Forwarding. I have 6 lines...just click add 6 times and then enter your info (IP Address of course should be changed to YOUR server IP).

Application start end Protocol IP Address Enable

1 1 138 Both "checked"
2 140 444 Both "checked"
3 446 630 Both "checked"
4 632 8079 Both "checked"
5 8081 22272 Both "checked"
6 2274 65535 Both "checked"

of course you could change the lines to whatever you wish...but with one line from 1 to 65535 didn't work initially for me but that was before I started over. It might work for you.

Step 3.

After I went thru every single tab and option that I needed, I finally clicked on "Apply Settings" while in the Administration->Management tab. Next I clicked on "Reboot Router". I also rebooted my ISP's equipment...Then I waited and got online and crossed my fingers. Using THIS link (Open ports checker) I did what I did MANY times and clicked on check common links at the right (near the bottom)....and oh the sight of the green flags were amazing =) FINALLY!!! it works!

Hope this wasn't a fluke and that it helps SOMEONE out there!