Monday, June 17, 2013

Hey Gordon Ramsay et al or whomever will listen...I have an interesting idea for a show!! (June 18, 2013 Japan Standard Time 10:14am)

I bet you get that a lot Chef Ramsay...but I have an idea that is relevant to today's socioeconomic situation. Currently you have shows geared towards those that are basic cooks wanting to become chefs or those that want to make a name for themselves or wanting a turnaround in their current restaurant. But as most people are struggling to make ends meet, I think a show that takes people in the lower class and shows them how to budget correctly and teaches them how to cook smartly will make for an interesting show. I'm kind of sick of seeing Undercover Boss trying to throw in the very often sap story. Every week it has an employee that had this or that happen to them and it seems staged. With the bottom of the lower class society they have a very limited amount to survive and most struggle or starve. I was watching a show about families in welfare trying to make ends meet with around $25 a week just for food. How about a way to teach them how to make nutritional food and feed their families for the whole week at that amount or under instead of eating canned processed food. How to get things for a lower price or even free since most restaurants throw away their food at the end of the day. Even if you only do a few episodes I think it will help those in need especially the children.


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