Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So it's summer in Japan and teaching at the schools pretty much suck during Summer and Winter...the main reason => NO CENTRAL AIR!! Right now you're literally sweating all over and pretty much thru your clothes. In the winter it's pretty much the opposite, you're freezing your ass off...but since it's summer I decided to make my own little Y U NO poster...

For the love of God, Japan...get central air at the schools!!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Firefox crashing with html5 and flash...possible fix

So Firefox has been crashing a lot when viewing html5 on youtube, etc. If I just watch the files in the non-full screen mode it's okay but if I do anything that changes...such as seek to a different point in the video or maximize the screen it just crashes.

Well for some reason the new firefox (13.0.1 is the one I have) or maybe even the older version, I'm not sure which, added me to the html5 trial on youtube automatically!!! I just left the html5 testing (click on "leave the html5 trial" @ youtube.com/html5) and now all the vids are back to "normal" =D and I have full screen back!!!

Damn you Adobe! fix this already! I would like to see it in html5 but this crashing has got to stop.