Thursday, July 5, 2012

Firefox crashing with html5 and flash...possible fix

So Firefox has been crashing a lot when viewing html5 on youtube, etc. If I just watch the files in the non-full screen mode it's okay but if I do anything that changes...such as seek to a different point in the video or maximize the screen it just crashes.

Well for some reason the new firefox (13.0.1 is the one I have) or maybe even the older version, I'm not sure which, added me to the html5 trial on youtube automatically!!! I just left the html5 testing (click on "leave the html5 trial" @ and now all the vids are back to "normal" =D and I have full screen back!!!

Damn you Adobe! fix this already! I would like to see it in html5 but this crashing has got to stop.

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