Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tip #2...for those that are about to come to Japan and don't have a place to live...yet

Well, I say to you, don't wait for someone to get you a rocking place. For you future ALT's out there...You might get lucky and have a place provided by the BOE or even partially subsidized for you. One friend (well 2 since one took over for the other) had a place provided for only 2000 yen a month! Mine was a lot more at 25000 yen a month. That's the equivalent of $25, and $280 a month. But then, I decided to go close to the city. But I didn't want them (the company) to find a place for me since they have a deal with Leo Palace. Which to me is overpriced. Even if you get most of your essentials, 50000 yen is not worth it. As living proof that time spent searching beforehand is essential, I give you that tip to try for yourself. Or get a tiny apartment that costs an arm...and maybe a leg for the space that will only fit them. After 2 years in the country I decided it was time to go back into the city. Well that and wanting to be closer to my GF did warrant a move. So several months before that I found a few free magazines with apartment/house listings and started to look. As the time drew nearer, I was a bit hopeful and empowered by my research. With some magazines, you can filter out those places that require all that 'Thank you' and non-refundable money. I got a great 'mansion', a 3LDK (3 rooms + combined living/dining/kitchen room) mind you for just above what a freaking 1K (1 room + tiny smaller than a desk 'kitchen') Leo Palace would cost...well a little more but still under 60000 yen including parking! So where did I search?

Here --> suumo.jp

So again, if you have the time, search your future area and you might just get a place that you really enjoy.

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