Saturday, July 31, 2010

Good place for a burger near Kanazawa train station

So...for those of you who are craving a good burger and are too lazy to make one yourself, this is for you. :)

Next to the Kanazawa station (金沢駅) you will find the Forus shopping mall/building. On the 7th floor (where the movie theater is) you will find yourself a little eatery called デリカフェ&バー C.C. (Deli cafe & bar C.C., 営業時間 [operating hours] : 11:00~24:00 ラストオーダー [last order] 23:30). Here you can get a nice burger w/ or w/o cheese, fries, coleslaw and a drink for less than 8-900 yen! Great deal for Japan.

For those that like beer, they also have a beer garden during the summer months.

Here's a picture of the set. I forgot to take a pic before I started to eat >_<;

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