Sunday, August 1, 2010

Travelling by bus in the Hokuriku...Kanazawa to Tokyo and back.

So want to visit Tokyo or are going to Narita Airport? Well you have 3 choices for buses. 1. JR buses...expensive 2. Hokutetsu highway buses, also expensive 3. Willer Express / Star Express buses. I just found out about #3 today and it was about 2300yen cheaper! Plus if you book more than one seat, you get 50yen off for each additional one (bulk savings lol). The website link is below...and it's offered in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. They also give you the option of paying with a credit card or at a convenient store. :) The only bad thing is that from Kanazawa they only go to Tokyo so you need to take another line to get to the other parts of Japan. :(


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