Thursday, February 16, 2012

[solved] Behringer UCA202 low volume issue on computer speakers

So I bought one after hearing some reviews and finding out that it's compatible with Mixxx. However I was a bit disappointed when I connected the RCA output to my RCA input on my computer speakers. The volume was very low and I had to crank it up and the gain to hear anything. Then I read online how you need a preamp to get any usable volume.
But recently I bought an RCA to 1/8" phone jack Y-cable to connect [edit] from the Behringer's RCA outputs to my PC speakers' 1/8" inputs [end edit] and lo and behold the volume was fine! The line level volume was perfect and more importantly usable! No need for any extra equipment. Hope this helps you out!

Happy DJ'ing!


  1. So you don't use the Behringer any longer? I get from your post that you just use a Y-cable from your computer's sound card to your speakers.

  2. Sorry if my post was a tad confusing. I meant I used the RCA ends of the Y-cable from the Behringer to the 1/8" phone jack input on the computer speakers and that solved the sound issue. Not sure why but it's much, much louder that way...go figure.

  3. Thanks for the clarification.