Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Binaural beats generation using soX

So yeah anyways if you don't know what this is...google or wiki it.

anywho...long story super short...here is a good one I've found for Alpha waves. Using 90 hz in one ear and sweeping from 93-103 hz in the other...

play -n synth 420:00 sin 90 sin 93-103

this is good for 7hours. Change the 420:00 to whatever length of time you desire.

to output it to an mp3 file...

sox -n 7hr.sleep.mp3 synth 420:00 sin 90 sin 93-103

if you get the MP3 not support not compiled, see previous entry to get it supported and working (Debian squeeze instructions tho).

just for kicks, here's how to get the starship Enterprise sound using sox...

play -n -c2 synth whitenoise lowpass -1 130 lowpass -1 130 lowpass -1 130 tremolo 4 gain 14

more variations can be found here. There were a lot of comments that the sound didn't have a pulsing beat so I added tremolo to the code and it did the trick. I like it at 4 but if you want to slow it down a bit try 2 and to speed it up go higher. Beyond 9 it's hard to tell.

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